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X400-10 M2 SSD Power Pro

SSD M.2 PCIE Gen4X4 X400-10

Cutting-edge performance and blazing speeds for
hardware enthusiasts seeking an exceptional experience



▪ Unleash your power and creativity ! Bring extreme performance to your games and
applications, and ultra-large storage capacities up to 4TB.
▪ Equipped with PCIe Gen4 x4 technology, this state-of-the-art M.2 2280 NVMeTM SSD drive
is the best in class for hardcore gaming and intensive workloads.
▪ Compatible with your Sony PlayStation 5TM gaming console, increase your gaming storage.
▪ The Power Pro SSD drive will instantly boost your computer, up to 70x faster than a classic
hard drive* !
      • Improved performances during your computer’s startup and shutdown phases.
      • Faster response of your most resource-demanding applications or heavy games.
      • Quieter and more shock-resistant than a classic hard drive.

5 Year Warranty

Environmental policy

EMTEC offers advanced storage solutions and high- quality products with reduced environmental impact. Find out more about our ecological measures!


User Guides & Compliance

Easy access to our user guides and online resource regarding EMTEC's products and their compliance (CE, FCC, ROHS, REACH, RCM)


X400-10 SSD Power Pro

X400-10 SSD Power Pro. Power up your computer in seconds, And discover a new era of computing.


    Technical specifications
    Form factor

    M.2 2280
    80mm (L) x 22mm (W) x 2mm (H)

    2 TB
    4 TB
    Read speed
    2TB: Up to 7400 MB/s
    4TB: Up to 7400 MB/s
    Write speed
    2TB: Up to 7000 MB/s
    4TB: Up to 7000 MB/s
    TBW / TBF
    2TB : 1400 TBW
    4TB : 1400 TBW
    NVMe PCIe Gen4 x4
    Use of a heat dispenser is strongly recommended, not include
    Memory management

    ECC (Error Correction Code), Static and dynamic wear leveling
    Bad block / TRIM / SMART / Over-Provision / Low Power management
    Adaptative performance tuning

    5 years
    * Important
    * Based on internal tests. Performance may vary depending on use and device.
    ECO Design

    "FSC" Eco-friendly certified packaging

    Product Code
    Product Description
    Emtec SSD M2 PCIe 4.0 X410 2TB
    Emtec SSD M2 PCIe 4.0 X410 4TB

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