Born in 1973, I was graduated from Petra University majoring in Architecture in 1996. I am the founder of the award winning Architec Graphic design company based in Surabaya. Throughout my 23 years in the field of graphics design, I am proud to have won some of the most prestigious design awards, most remarkably the Scopa Millennium, Pinasthika and Conqueror Awards.

A newfound love for expressing my aesthetic sense through the medium of photography has allowed myself to capture human interest and street photographs since 2014. My most works capture the local people’s portraits, architecture of places and its heritage. I love articulates the balance and harmony between humanity, cultures and architecture all round the world.

“Every single photograph must contain the humanity of the moment. My passions is about the state of humanity and our diversity world. I believe in the power of photographs to transform people’s minds and generate positive impact in the world as well.”