I started photography as a teenager, shooting rugby games every Sunday on the field, then quickly turned to portraits. The most important thing for me was to capture an emotion, a look, a smile in a natural movement, and make it eternal.

Photography remained a hobby for me for several years, until I slowly stopped. Four years ago I met a group of photographers, somewhat by accident. They lived only for Urbex. I joined them for a whole new, exciting adventure. We visited great places, filled with history. I took the photos, created my Instagram account and tasted the thrilling experience of sharing my passion, connecting with people and opening to new dimensions of photography.

From there, I started as a professional photographer. Portraits are my strong point and my edicts my signature. I specialize in wedding photos, as I enjoy being in the midst of families and friends, at the center of a unique day for the newly weds, taking an active, yet discreet, part in the happiest day of their lives. I love being so intimate, yet invisible. The emotion is so intense that I can shed a tear though I am a stranger to them most of the time :-) This is my story. I hope to continue experiencing and capturing lasting moments of sharing, love and discovery.